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The SkillRise Difference

The Profile of a Lifelong Learner is a research-based “north star” that helps adult educators, workforce development specialists, and employers define, measure, and advance the digital and lifelong learning skills that adult learners need to be successful in the workforce of today and tomorrow.


Profile Overview

The Profile of a Lifelong Learner was developed with support from experts in adult basic education, workforce development, community colleges, employer partnerships, K-12 schools, career & technical education, and edtech. The Profile can be used to help develop curriculum and services to support working learners.

Download the Profile of a Lifelong Learner

Download summary slide deck about the Profile

Lifelong Learner

Lifelong Learners access, analyze, and apply digital resources in order to build knowledge, advance their careers, and experience the best life possible.

Empowered Worker

Empowered Workers persevere through challenges, shape career paths in alignment with personal interests and goals, and upskill to be successful in a digital-age workforce.

Digital Citizen

Digital Citizens are inclusive, equitable, and culturally aware as they live, learn, and work in an interconnected world.

Solution Seeker

Solution Seekers use technology to explore independent perspectives, amplify creative thinking, and develop smart solutions to practical problems in work and life.

Mindful Colleague

Mindful Colleagues employ situational awareness and a collaborative team approach to effectively communicate, learn from, and work with diverse colleagues in digital and face-to-face environments.

Learning with EdTech

Micro-learning experiences

Explore the Profile of a Lifelong Learner and Upskill with Edtech Framework through the SkillRise micro-learning experiences. They're great introductions to the lifelong learning skills and technology approaches that help best support adult learners’ success in the future of work. Designed to be mobile-first, we suggest playing them on your phone!

Dive into the Profile of a Lifelong Learner

Unpack the importance of putting Learners First

Explore the power of Tech Transformations

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The Profile is built upon three research-based pillars - an analysis of peer-reviewed literature exploring the relationship between skills and workforce outcomes, a landscape scan of adult skills frameworks, and the ISTE Standards for Students. Learn more about this foundation by downloading the literature review or landscape scan.

The SkillRise Advisory Panel

  • Kelly Middleton Banks, Manager, Program Implementation, National Association of Workforce Boards
  • David Miyashiro, Superintendent, Cajon Valley School District
  • Neda Anasseri, Coordinator, Technology Projects, Outreach and Technical Assistance Network
  • Josh Copus, Director, JFF Labs
  • Meghan Wills, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Advance CTE
  • Jaime Fall, Director, UpSkill America
  • Heidi Silver-Pacuilla, Adult Education Coordinator Virginia Department of Education, Office of Adult Education
  • Jeff Goumas, Digital Learning Lead, World Education
  • Cindy Read, Deputy Director KentuckianaWorks
  • Sandra Cortez, Dean of Community Education Laredo College